Amanita Regalis, King fly agaric 25g

AR K 25
Amanita Regalis, King fly agaric 25g

  • Dry mushroom caps Amanita Regalis.
  • Time of harvest: autumn 2023.
  • Region of origin : Germany, Lower Saxony, Harz
  • Drying temperature: 35-40 °C

Discover the unique world of Amanita Regalis (King Fly Agaric) 25g. This premium set of dried mushrooms, harvested in Autumn 2023 from the pristine forests of Lower Saxony, Germany, offers a rare experience for enthusiasts, researchers, and collectors.
Key Features:
  • Premium Quality: Dried at 35-40°C to preserve natural essence.
  • Rarity: Features yellow to dark brown caps with warty scales.
  • Applications: Perfect for souvenirs, scientific studies, and mystical rituals.
  • Origin: Sourced from coniferous, deciduous, and mixed forests.
Product Details:
  • Appearance: Yellow to dark brown caps with unique warty scales.
  • Size: Caps up to 20 cm in diameter, stems up to 20 cm long.
  • Spores: White, ellipsoidal, smooth.
Amanita Regalis, also known as the King Fly Agaric, is renowned for its striking appearance and historical significance. Whether you're a mycology enthusiast or seeking a unique addition to your collection, our King Fly Agaric 25g is the perfect choice.
Why Choose Our Amanita Regalis?
  • Quality Assurance: Carefully handpicked and dried to ensure the highest quality.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for various applications, from educational purposes to decorative pieces.
  • Global Shipping: Convenient worldwide delivery.
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