Let's look at what we can achieve with mushroom microdosing and tripping.

Our brain can be compared to a supercomputer - it stores a lot of information that we have heard, read or seen somewhere.

Some information is accessible to us, some is blocked by other information. Our brain can also be likened to a tree that will grow and produce new shoots and branches, but if not pruned properly, the fruit will be fewer or of poorer quality. New branches often grow in the middle of the crown or block the sun from the branches growing below. It is the same with thoughts, one stands in opposition to the other, one delays the other. When trying to solve a situation, we have a huge number of thoughts, we switch to internal dialogue, but which of the thoughts is correct is not always possible to determine without external help or study the relevant material that the Concerned about the situation, the brain offers a bunch of options or the search for information that could answer the question posed. often we start chaos in the head, and find the right solution, as before does not work, doubts prevail, we cannot determine the truth, cannot find a logical explanation for the situation.
Amanita muscaria - mushroom microdosing
What would bring order to their thoughts, put everything in its place, isolate a central thought and cut off all unnecessary streams of thoughts, stop the internal dialogue, you need to take control of your brain, make sure you are in control of your brain and give him orders instead of him giving you any.
You can do this by meditating. When you meditate, you learn to turn off unnecessary thoughts, stop the internal dialogue, and take control of your brain.
When you trip, you open access to your subconscious, to the vast amount of information stored in your head. Without organizing your thoughts, without taking control of your brain, you will become overwhelmed by the information, and your fears and negative experiences will open up to you. But you haven't dealt with that yet, you haven't found the solution and the cause of these fears and negativities, and that's why your fears and problems can deepen. As a result, we no longer remember what happened on the trip, the brain blocks the unpleasant experience so that the memories do not harm us, and on top of that, a feeling of fear can arise.
Microdosing works gradually, step by step, slowly stimulating and calming your brain.
Amanita muscaria - mushroom microdosing amanita
"So stimulating or calming?" - pleas e ask your question.
Let me explain this using the arm as an example: when you bend the arm, we tighten the biceps and the triceps relax, in this case the biceps act as an agonist and the triceps act as an antagonist.
The same is true of the effects of Amanita muscaria on the brain - one part of the brain is activated, another part is relaxed, which in turn reduces internal dialogue. But at the same time, you must not forget to work on yourself and your brain to consolidate, improve the results of stopping the internal dialogue and realize what happened.
Amanita muscaria is just a tool, a fly rod, to lean on on the path of self-knowledge.
A fly agaric is not a magic wand, taking it in large doses for a trip will not make you think better or better, most likely you just will not understand what happened, you will not remember. It's not always a lot, it's quality and it's good.
P.S.: Work on yourself and the Flapper will help you. Don't expect it to do everything for you, consider it a tool.
The toadstool will only help you find the right path, but you have to walk it yourself!
4 November / 2022

Author: Herr Kröte

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