Amanita muscaria - biohacking of past civilizations

New is well forgotten old. So says a wise proverb.
Today's fascination with the fly agaric and the desire to improve or change something in life by eating this mushroom or by preparing various infusions and ointments has deep roots in the past.

Ancient Indians believed that soma (a drink made from mushrooms) allowed them to maintain health and prolong life, and that the person who drank the drink merged with the deity.
Even before Christ, the Greeks used a decoction of Amanita mushrooms as a doping agent in sports competitions and long theatrical performances, sometimes lasting more than a day.
Amanita muscaria - biohacking of past civilizations
The Norse peoples of Europe used Amanita mushrooms to stimulate their bodies during battles, and legends of the fearless berserker warriors survive to this day.
The use of the fly agaric by Native Americans, as well as the peoples of the Far North and Siberia for spiritual practices formed the basis of the ancient religion of shamanism.
Throughout history there are examples of the use of Amanita muscaria as a personal care, medicinal and psychostimulant.
These and many other facts from the past prompt us to study the subject of toadstools and adapt it to the realities of the present.
31 Oktober / 2022

Author: Herr Kröte

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